Train system shot due to storm - but good serviceΒΆ

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Conference hotel in Eindhoven

I went into the city for a quick bite and returned to see if there were any changes: no. So I went back into the city to see the latest James Bond (great movie). I saw it together with my brother that was also stuck in Eindhoven. We both left the customer at a different time, as I heard about specific problems on my route. So I finally really used my mobile phone :-)

After returning to the station, the train traffic was still stuck. But the municipality of Eindhoven had arranged for lodging for stranded travellers and took us by bus to a nearby conference center. I had resigned myself to temporary sleeping arrangements in a sports hall or so, but we got really decent hotel rooms with individual showers and so.

All in all: a pretty enjoyable evening with lots of great service by the NS (national railways, they were friendly and tried to give as much information as possible; also a lot of their own employees were stranded) and the local municipality. Thanks!

I've got a video of the storm at Eindhoven station , not that it's particularly spectacular or so, but I liked the way the sky looked once part of the dark cloud cover blew away. logo

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