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Most of my firefox extensions (see an extension list at, I use about half of that list) are updated automatically. Somehow firebug was still at version 0.4something and I missed the 1.0 beta.

Wow. Get firebug. Loads of additions to the previous version. The previous version was handy to spot bugs in javascript and css, as a small icon at the bottom right of your browser window would turn into a red circle with a cross: you'd click it to get a list of the errors.

But now it shows you what files get loaded or processed with the (down)load times. And it shows in which sequence they get loaded, all nicely in a graph. Hover over a line that shows an image got downloaded and you get a small preview: real handy to see what P038827.jpg was again. I didn't get too far into the rest of the functionality, but there's a javascript debugger; you can change css and javascript values on-the-fly; there's a javascript profiler.

So get it!

One thing that tripped me was that, when loooking at the load times, it showed both my html file and some javascript and css files. Those javascript and css files are supposed to be cached forever in the browser, so they shouldn't show up as being downloaded. Checking the apache log didn't show them being downloaded there. So I assume that firebug showed the processing time there. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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"color coding doesn't work" by Eduard Drenth on 2007-03-27 08:28:21
firebug 1.0.1 on windows doesn't do the coloring like stated, everything shows up in the same color gray....
"Caching" by Maurits van Rees on 2007-01-19 23:03:46
At there is a paragraph "Cached or not cached" that explains:
"Not all network requests are equal - some of them are loaded from the browser cache instead of the network. Firebug color codes requests that are served from the cache in a lighter gray so you can quickly scan and see how effectively your site is using the cache to optimize page load times." logo

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