Thesis off to the printerΒΆ

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Alea iacta est . Yesterday I send my final PDF files off to the printing shop for some quality printing time. No changes possible. Everything's fixed. 255 pages black/white with a full-colour cover. I've seen the printing proof and it looks pretty gorgeous :-) I'm printing 200 of 'em (luckily paid for by the university).

Pfew, that's a pretty big load of my back. What's left to do now:

  • Collect all addresses so that I can send it out the minute I've got the load of boxes.
  • Write a few letters for the ones I'm sending out that need an accompanying letter.
  • Buy envelopes. The university won't pay for sending them out, so this will make a major cut in my budget. I'm glad that my employer, Zest software, immediately agreed to my proposal: you pay the postage for those theses that I'm sending to construction companies, building consultants, etc. here in the Netherlands. Provided I add a short note saying "hey, this thesis contains nice software ideas: me and the company I work for can build them for you". I like that, 'cause it gives my ideas a way better chance.
  • Send off the whole load. logo

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