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Lately, a lot of issues in plone's Poi issue trackers were inexplicably rejected or postponed. There was no real pattern, but it did become quite a bother.

The problem seemed to be that the workflow transitions from open to both rejected and postponed did not have a transition guard. So everyone (including a google spider, for example) could change those states. That's not something that's in the actual Poi code, so how this bug ended up on is something of a mistery. The normal poi views don't show the ordinary workflow dropdown anymore, so that's probably why nobody noticed.

I wrote a script today that figured out the correct workflow states and reset the issue to that state if it didn't match the actual state. I checked quite a lot of items by doing a dry run with only logging. In that dry run, I found two items that didn't get their right state assigned. I couldn't figure out why it didn't work, though.

So: I encourage everyone that maintains a poi tracker on to look at the list of changed issues at . I sorted it by project. The only thing you need to watch out for is whether you're perhaps the rare owner of an item that was wrongly changed from "rejected" or "postponed" to "open. logo

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