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Note: "ProZa" means "protocollaire zaken" which means the official protocoll office that steers the whole process. The dates below are the starting dates of the weeks, so there might be some slack. The slack cuts both ways, as committee members may provide their feedback on the last day of the ninth week, leaving me with less time to finish the thesis :-)

Minus 9: 13 November
By now, the promotion committee members should have send their approval to Proza and to my professor. Their approval can be conditional: they can also provide a list of desired changes and desired additions to the thesis. When I've got that, I've got about two weeks to include those changes.
Minus 7: 27 November

My propositions must have been approved by my professor and I've got to show her signature to Proza. And that's not all, my entire thesis as a whole needs the final signature.

Also the title page (which has to obey a few rules) needs approval by Proza.

Minus 3: 25 December
I've got to send out the printed thesis, including propositions. Also a meeting with ProZa is in order for a chat about how the day itself will play out. And I've got to start visiting the promotion committee members.
D-Day: 15 January
At about 14:30 a quick 15 minute simple explanation (lekepraatje) and the real work at 15:00, which means a one hour (exactly) defence of my thesis with the promotion committee as my opponents.
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