Tight-lipped zope3/fiveΒΆ

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I'm quite happy with zope3's adapters while programming for a plone 2.5 site. Nicely thought-out, it gives you a good mechanism to divide things up into smaller parts.

But sometimes you've got an error somewhere (in my case inside an adapter's __init__() ). The problem is that Five (or zope3) won't tell you that there's an error there. It just fails to load Five without giving an error message. That makes sure the rest of the site just doesn't work.

Good luck debugging... Luckily Rocky figured it out by putting a pdb into the __init__.

Today I had the same problem. Though this time the site itself was running OK, but the integration tests failed to run. Again, Five failing to load. But not a peep coming out of it. "Hey, config error in line xxxxx of configure.zcml", "hey, unknown global xxxxx at line yyyy". No nothing.

Anybody got an idea whether that's going to be more explicit in later releases? I haven't grokked every individual line of zope3 and Five code yet, so I'm at a total loss where even to begin whenever such a problem occurs. Helpful error messages, please...

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