Thesis defence: 15 January 2007 15:00ΒΆ

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Hurray! I've got a new date for my PhD thesis defence: 15 January 2007. The concepts are off to the (7 person) committee and the clock is ticking now. Some of the upcoming steps:

  • The committee members have a few weeks to read the thesis and to send me their official comments.
  • I have to deal with those comments and, if applicable, fix up the thesis.
  • I've got to scratch my head and come up with 10 propositions (Dutch: stellingen) and get them approved by my professor.
  • The printing of the thesis has to be arranged.
  • I've got to dig up addresses of people I want to send the thesis (if you're reading this and want the printed book, mail me ).
  • Get final thesis clearance from my professor and print the thing.
  • Send out the thesis.
  • Arrange for a room for a reception afterwards.

And I probably forgot a few. Oh yeah, resurrect some software that was on the university server that was subsequently shut down. logo

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