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pretty in pink Twice per year I go to a second hand child clothing market in a local school.

The clothing is rediculously cheap and mostly of good quality. I've bought a really nice set including a pair of trousers, a shirt and an indoor jacket for just 2 Euro; in a shop it would fetch at least 40 Euro. And no wear or tear to be seen.

Funny thing is that I'm the only member of the male population that apparently goes to such a market, it are only women out there :-) I do get some approving glances that I'm the one doing this kind of shopping :-)

One of the items on the shopping list that Annie gave me was "anything that is pink". For Rianne. Well, I've managed to find the worst kind of pink training set for Rianne, it almost hurts the eyes. She's perfectly happy with it, see the photo. logo

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