Holiday photosΒΆ

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I'm back from my holiday for about two weeks now and I've got the photos sorted out and online .

We visited the Ardennes in Belgium and the Vosges mountains in France. There was a bit more rain than desired, but it was altogether managable. We saw lots of beautiful things and had a real good time. Also the kids enjoyed themselves, having them along in a tent worked extraordinary well, actually.

When we were gone, our house was burglared. Luckily no real damage was done (the lock was repared by the landlord) and nothing was stolen. Not that we have anything worth taking the effort to steal, but it is still a relief. The burglar was obviously looking for ready cash and had no attention for a LotR DVD set, lots of second-hand books and stuff like that. As luck had it, I decided to take my work-laptop with me on holiday to be able to sync my digital camera. That's the only thing that would have made sense to steal :-) logo

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