Bad with namesΒΆ

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"I'm bad with names" is one of the big things I excuse myself with from time to time. Ricky Spears got some pushback on that same excuse by someone who asked I bet you never forget a computer name do you?...

Ouchie. Thingol, adgw, www, telsius, wulf, maupertuis, etc. Ouchie. Names of websites? I remember many. I can recite the names of many train stations, in the right order. Names of holiday destinations.

A big difference is that I am regularly forced to use those computers' names when I want to connect. "Hi there!" works with humans, but computers will ignore you unless you call 'em by name.

Some people are quite "good" with names. Not only are they often able to reproduce your name, they actually do it. That is: they say your name aloud. That might just be the trick: don't remember the name, but start to use it right away. (Ricky's prayer might fit the same role and I like the idea).

This is all going to take some major reprogramming, trying and failing on my part. It's so safe and easy to just say "hello" instead of "hello Ricky" to prevent making a mistake with the name. logo

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