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In the beginning of the zope2 release cycle there were regular releases with two or three important changes each. 2.7 and 2.8 both had a lot more important changes and also took a long time. 2.7 took 1.5 year and 2.8 took 1 year. Five was especially important to drive 2.8 onwards, zope2 was a bit stalled at that time.

Since december 2005 there are time-based releases: a new one every 6 months. So you're guaranteed that stable new features will be in the release within half a year. New major releases don't necessarily retire the old ones. The system seems to be working.

Zope 2.10
There will be IPublishTraverse-based traversal. Five used to have to monkeypatch __bobo_traverse__ to do a lot of magic, but that could be removed as the basic ZPublisher now uses the interface.

There will be WSGI (see Kevin Dangoor's talk ) support which is used to connect to twisted.web2 and to the existing zope2 ZServer. The goal is to get rid of ZServer in the end, so that we don't have to maintain our own webserver anymore.

There will be support for 'Products/'-less packages so that you can now put things in regular python packages. Thanks to Rocky Burt .

The zope page template engine from zope3 is now integrated into zope2.10 by, effectively, a tiny wrapper.

Five 1.4 and 1.5
five.testbrowser is just a facade for zope3's testbrowser. Viewlets are managed content providers, looked up by region. "Give me all css providers". "Gimme all portlets for the right hand side".
Zope 3.3
Big refactoring of the component architecture, resulting in an up to 50% speed improvement. And there's a whole lot easier API for local component registration. They moved some parts out of that are actually reusable, the goal is to not need in zope2/five.

Plone 2.5, CPS 3.4 and Silva use big parts of zope3 already. Probably underestimated is the huge amount of possibilities allowed by WSGI. There are people trying XSLT pipelining on top of basic zope stuff, for instance. logo

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