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I've got quite a number of svn checkins on quills in the last month. I wanted to move my website to plone 2.5 (done) and the latest version of quills at the same time.

Quills was in pretty good shape and I only had to fix a very small number of bugs to get it running reliably here. The two biggest additions:

  • Improved migration from 0.9 (latest stable release) to svn trunk (1.5 alpha), including unit tests.
  • Large-scale template refactoring to use just two macros in the majority of cases. One to display an individual entry and one to display a list of entries. Both macros can be influenced by two or three config options, for instance to show only a description or a full entry. This got rid of about 200 lines of template code.

A very good move that Quills made was to remove the old quills-internal "topics" and to replace them with the standard plone keyword system. Now you can easily tag your entries with multiple tags, if you want, and you get the luxury of having additional metadata. And I sure like the "tag cloud" portlet :-)

So: thanks all those that made Quills pretty good. Things that'll probably get improved before 1.5 comes out:

  • Posting from external applications (using the Blogger API etc.).
  • Improved feed management, apparently the upcoming big apple sprint will focus on this as one of their jobs.
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