Readable reading fodder: implementing eXtreme management toolΒΆ

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My brother Maurits has just finished his internship at Zest software and delivered a remarkably readable report on it for our bathtime reading pleasure. I'm sitting outside in the evening cool right now, enjoying the PDF with a nice beer :-) Some random highlights:

  • Development in practice using ArchGenXML, getting a great mileage out of it. Especially for the workflow generation, ArchGenXML is priceless. Just imagine reading the report with boring text instead of clear workflow pictures.

Task workflow

  • Copy-pasting the contents of a self-written tutorial on releasing a plone product that he put on If any plone company gets an intern from now on, require him/her to write a howto or tutorial for On the one hand you get good content for, on the other hand you give your intern a whole lot of ready-made pages for his internship report. Bloody good idea.
  • We're not done yet. Make sure you document your product real well (with some help from your boss, Jean-Paul Ladage) and you've got even more copy-paste content. So good documentation pays off. Handsomely, even. logo

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