Plone compared, part 2ΒΆ

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Both Russ Ferriday and Mark Fallu suggested to compare plone not with zope (as I did on friday), but with some other web app servers/cms/whatever alternatives. Wow, was I in for some surprise. Let's look at google compare

Plone, drupal, joomla and ruby on rails compared

I don't know much about drupal, but ruby on rails has been an amazing weblog community favourite, so I'm not surprised that it creeps past plone (and drupal). What is happening to joomla, however? That's skyrocketing. Ok, it split off a year ago from mambo. So I added mambo to the google trends query, which doesn't really help as "mambo" is too generic a word which also returns movie titles and so.

Anyway, enough playing with the bright new shiny google toy :-) I do expect to see some interesting extra comparisons in the week ahead! For many purposes, such a comparison isn't too valuable as it doesn't take into account application solidity, performance, community quality, features etc. Something aiming at quick personal sites with 5 pages will get a bigger search volume than a full-featured CMS.

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"." by Mikhail Kashkin on 2006-05-14 01:00:13

You should understand that you can install joomla on very cheap hosting with just PHP (sic!), for Plone you need special server. This is why many developers use this product.

But for corporative market Plone is better. logo

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