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A heartwarming quote from the authors of the new PloneRSS product :

... and along came ArchGenXML and made proper products something we could reasonably envisage being easy to design and maintain.

Yes, that's true. Since about half a year we're using ArchGenXML for most of the projects we have at Zest software, precisely because it makes the projects maintainable. You get good speed-of-design and you cut down immensly on the copy/paste code, but most importantly for our collaborative work: you know where things have been (or have to be) changed.

Big parts of the code are generated from the UML model, and are therefore free from accidental coding mistakes. So a big part of your product just works. You know you have to look in the other 30%. And as ArchGenXML-generated code can only be modified in certain places, it cuts down the amount of time you spend looking. logo

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