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I just finished the paperback edition of Chainfire. Number 9 in the "sword of truth" series (in Dutch: de wetten van de magie).

That it was the paperback and not the hardback edition was, to me, a bit of a sign. I bought number 1 in Dutch when there were four translated books, one week later I bought 2-4. Two weeks later, I found that book 5 had just become available as English paperback. Gotcha. 6, 7, 8: I bought them all in hardback edition, practically the moment the came out. But especially the last two books didn't grip me that much. Perhaps, on re-reading, they will. So I only bought chainfire when I saw it by accident in paperback in the station's bookshop.

Which was a huge mistake, this book is good! Lots of action, a good, solid mistery. And, what Terry Goodkind is pretty good at: switching back and forth between multiple locations. He has build a solid set of supporting characters and many of them come and shine here. Zedd, Nicci, Nathan, Ann, Shota, they're all there. Throw in a few of those red-clad bodyguards and I was doubting, halfway through the book, if he'd ever get it all wrapped up before the end of the book.

Answer: partly. But I'd give it a 80% chance that book number 10 'll be the last one in line.

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