Thesis defence postponed (updated)ΒΆ

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Unlike mentioned previously, 8 February wasn't that solid a date after all.

The first step I'm awaiting a few last small fix-suggestions to the concept before sending it out to the committee was the problem: the professor that gave the signature that it was OK for sending it to the committee still has not given me the last corrections and also told me it wasn't OK to send it out as-is (despite signing for it).

And no word from the prof for two months. With the deadline for sending it to the committee long past. It's all mildly irritating, to be frank. I thought to be on a fixed heading for early 2006, but this 'll give me another few months delay.

Update: 2 Februari I'll have a meeting to talk through the last set of changes. The process is under steam again :-) logo

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