ArchGenXML upcoming releasesΒΆ

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Two days ago I discussed the ArchGenXML release planning with Jens Klein.

Release 1.4.1
First, there'll be a bugfix release for the current stable 1.4.0 . We've flagged a number of bugs that have to be fixed beforehand.

The number one bugfix that needs doing is support for Poseidon 4.0 . Phil is onto that issue, so that'll be fixed in a few days or so.

Release 1.5.0
Big thing: support only plone 2.1. There are a number of hoops you've got to jump through right now for plone 2.1 projects. Every class has a rename-after-creation tagged value for instance. That will be standard in 1.5.0 :-) And finalizeSchema() or however that's called. Better ATContentTypes support.
Release 2.0
Yeah, that's the real big partial rewrite. Agx 2.0, codename "genesis". Zope 3 support, plone 2.1 support, plain python support, hey, pluggable support :-)

Note: I really like that shiny new Poi bugtracker on! logo

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