Zopetestcase without member foldersΒΆ

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Zope's portaltestcase automatically prepares a member folder (self.folder) for use in the tests. A common usecase is, however, to prevent the member folders from being created. Result: all unittests fail as the unittest mechanism cannot create that self.folder...

The solution is to create a monkey patch and to place that as patch.py inside your product's tests/ folder. And importing it in your tests __init__.py. Here's the code:

  from Testing.ZopeTestCase import PortalTestCase
  PATCH_PREFIX = '_monkey_'
  __refresh_module__ = 0

  def monkeyPatch(originalClass, patchingClass):
      #print 'monkeyPatch', originalClass.__name__, patchingClass.__name__
      """Monkey patch original class with attributes from new class
         (Swiped from SpeedPack -- thanks, Christian Heimes!)

      * Takes all attributes and methods except __doc__ and __module__ from patching class
      * Safes original attributes as _monkey_name
      * Overwrites/adds these attributes in original class
      for name, newAttr in patchingClass.__dict__.items():
          # don't overwrite doc or module informations
          if name not in ('__doc__', '__module__'):
              # safe the old attribute as __monkey_name if exists
              # __dict__ doesn't show inherited attributes :/
              orig = getattr(originalClass, name, None)
              if orig:
                  stored_orig_name = PATCH_PREFIX + name
                  stored_orig = getattr(originalClass, stored_orig_name, None)
                  # don't double-patch on refresh!
                  if stored_orig is None:
                      setattr(originalClass, stored_orig_name, orig)
              # overwrite or add the new attribute
              setattr(originalClass, name, newAttr)

  class PatchedPortalTestCase:

      def _setupHomeFolder(self):
          """Creates the default user's home folder.

              pm = self.portal.portal_membership
              self.folder = pm.getHomeFolder(user_name)

  monkeyPatch(PortalTestCase, PatchedPortalTestCase)

For good measure, here's the code that switches off the member area creation (and also allows only manager to add members). Put this in your Install.py:

  def _customizeMemberCreation(portal):
      """Customize Member(area) creation.

      * Turn off member area creation
      * Remove Member folder and default 'Topic' items
      * Only manager is allowed to add members.

      print >> out, "Customizing member(area) creation."
      mtool = getToolByName( portal, 'portal_membership')
      if mtool.getMemberareaCreationFlag():
      if 'Members' in portal.objectIds():
      portal.manage_permission('Add portal member', ['Manager'], 0)

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