Ethiopian aid cartellΒΆ

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If you can read German, read this article about aid in Ethiopia

Natuerlich bestreitet auch Feldner nicht, dass es in AEthiopien chronische Duerreregionen gibt, dass sieben Millionen Menschen potentiell auf Hilfe angewiesen sind. Die staendigen Notrufe sind jedoch Inszenierungen eines Katastrophen-Kartells: Die Geberlaender wollen ihre Getreideueberschuesse loswerden, die aethiopische Regierung steckt ihr Geld lieber in die Armee, UN-Organisationen muessen Personal und Fuhrpark unterhalten.

In English: Of course, (name of person) doesn't say that there aren't chronical drought regions in Ethiopia and that 7 million people are dependant on outside help. (But Ethiopia as a whole has an agricultural surpluss). The ever-present cries of help, however, are fabricated by an "aid cartell": the aid giving countries want to get rid of their surplus corn; the Ethiopian government wants to spend it's money on weapons; the UN wants to keep up it's personel and vehicles. logo

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