Greasemonkey: very handy firefox additionΒΆ

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I've heard it mentioned a few times, but I've finally gotten around to trying it myself: greasemonkey . It is a sort of framework that allows you to load in javascript files that modify certain webpages. There's a whole collection of scripts available. A few favourites:

  • AutologinJ, which automatically enters your login info if you've got that stored for a certain website. You can exclude/include websites. Very handy for your adwords account.
  • Google access keys for ctrl-. and ctrl-, (or alt-) browsing between result sets in google.
  • The best: Google search keys which numbers your google search results. Just press the number on your keyboard and you're taken to that page. Absolutely great.
  • Cross amazon, which allows you to switch from a book's page in one amazon to another. I've changed the script to just switch between, and logo

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