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On the (main) 20:00 television news they had a short item about Wikipedia. Some pictures of the wikipedia meeting in Germany that's going on right now. Plus some critical comments.

  • The maker of a paper-based Dutch encyclopedia showed that, for instance, an article about the composer Locatelli (English wiki link) was missing. So wikipedia's quality was doubtful.

    I thought by myself "they'll probably add that article within 15 minutes". Lo and behold! It had already been added and they showed it on the news :-)

    Hmmmm. When I look at that page's history, the first version is already three months old. Must be an older interview.

  • Some other expert said that, for instance, the origin of the word "Robot" wasn't completely accurate.

    "Well, fix it instead of complaining!". Ah well.

Personally, I like the wikipedia quite a lot. Often I'll search google for "bach wikipedia" if I want to have a good overview of the composer Bach, for instance. logo

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