Zwiki to plone document converterΒΆ

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At europython I attended the "convert to plone 2.1" sprint and worked on a tool to convert all zwiki pages on to normal plone documents. I didn't manage to finish it then.

Today I continued and got it working. I've used it here on, most of the pages were wiki pages, but I didn't really use it's functionality. At least it shows that I trust the tool :-)

You can find the tool via subversion at

The main conversion script first generates an in-memory list of documents that must be created. It also converts those links that need to be kept safe from subsequent wiki-formatting of the page. Afterwards the wiki pages are deleted. Then the script iterates through the list and creates the pages using the original filenames.

It does need testing on more diverse zwiki-containing sites, most importantly on a copy of I don't know if I've covered every eventuality. logo

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