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Ah, just finished a wiskey and number 6 in the Harry Potter series. In short: I want number 7.

Part 1 was funny, but with two till four, it grew grimmer and grimmer. On first reading, number four was so dark, I expected Harry to die in number seven... On second reading, it wasn't so bad, but still. Number five, the previous one, was an excellent mix of utter frustration and utter glory. Dumbledore's army. Yeah.

So, number one was great and number five was great. Number six? Debating it a bit. Read it in two days, even with watching a generous amount of Tour de France. (Rabobank cycling team!) And getting adequate sleep. Hm. Yes: very good.

Laughed a lot. Saw people growing up in the book. Which means it's well written. Especially well-done: the chapter titles. Pretty amazing job they're doing. Managed to draw my interest, trigger off wrong suspections, throw me off track, raise unfulfilled expectations, etc :-)

Yes, good book. On first impression, it doesn't win from part one and five. It is at least at 90% of that level, though. Great stage-setting for part seven, the finale.

Though I'm quite ready to turn one person into sausages, though. He severely disappointed me. Oh, yes, those sausages can be left rotting away for the next three centuries or so...

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