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Just got an email from someone searching for her email address. Somehow google turned me up. Perhaps other people are helped by it too, so I'm putting my answer up here :-)

Short answer: all the email addresses are gone, probably including all old mails and so. originally belonged to the altavista searchengine. Just like many companies they started to give away free email accounts. At a certain point they didn't like that part of the business anymore and gave it to .

As was to be expected, you had to pay for it after it had been free for the first year or so, at least if you wanted to have something more than just the web interface (like, downloading your mail with POP3). They didn't manage to get their payment forms in order, so I couldn't add my data (they have no US states in the Netherlands). Luckily they gave me a year's free access instead of fixing it :-)

Part three was when altavista didn't like it anymore and told that they would kill off email access to the domain name (which they still owned). If you own the domain name, you control where the mail goes... So send me a two-week notice that my email address would be killed...

After that, I'm now : I got my own domain name. For a while, you could still access your existing mail at, but they're killing off accounts if they aren't used for a while (probably a year or so).

So: no more mail addresses. (I was by the way).

update 2004-07-22: Ouch, the title of the post was instead of Sigh.

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" email account" by Jacques on 2007-04-03 19:40:00

That was my first ever email account and remained the only one that I was using for over 3 years. Then came the drama, I lost all my emails and contacts that I have been carefully storing in the same account.

What a frustration.

Eventhough other web mail services (hotmail, yahoo etc) proved to be reliable, I guess there is nothing more stable than getting your own domain name. logo

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