Europython 2005 overviewΒΆ

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I attended EuroPython 2005 in Göteborg. I've made notes, here's a list of all the half-days of the conference:

The saturday and sunday before the conference I participated in a sprint (coding together with a couple of other people), cooperating in getting migrated to the next version. I didn't delve into the core migration stuff, as that was full of black, deep, internal magic. Instead I wrote a product that transforms all zwiki pages into normal plone documents, as wanted to get rid of zwiki. I've tested it on a copy of my own site, so it seems to work (later note: no, still a bug left). Note that I still like zwiki and I'll be using it elsewhere. You can find the product in the collective svn, named zwikiremover.

After the conference I've again sprinted for two days. It's a policy of my employer, Zest software, to participate as much as possible in sprints in order to be really involved in the community. (I got asked up to 15 times "where is Jean-Paul? He's always here!". Jean-Paul is my boss, for those that don't know.)

This have been my first set of sprints, so far I like it. Getting to know the persons and faces belonging to the online usernames... :-) The thursday and friday sprint centered on PloneSelenium, a functional testing program for plone. It allows you to write test that are then executed in the browser itself. Click here, fill in that value, verify that that text is present, etcetera. Gives a lot of perspective for more customer satisfaction as we can now do a lot more testing of this kind, as it is automatic. logo

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