Google speed testingΒΆ

My former colleague Hans Schever moved off to a research job in Australia - which he's really happy with according to the mails I get. His girlfriend Ilse Kuijpers is setting up shop as a space planning expert .

She just set up her website 100% space and wanted to know how to submit the site to google . Well, when I mention it here on my weblog, google normally finds it real soon. I'm a bit worried about the name, as 100% space gives you a lot of space shuttle stuff. Well, perhaps a link to Melbourne helps.

So if you're in the vicinity of Melbourne and you want a better place to work or live ...

The most important thing is that you feel at home and at ease in your living or working environment. Therefore, this environment needs to be both functional as well as comfortable and pleasant according to your wishes and desires.

(Now I hope Ilse keeps her URLs alive and doesn't change 'em too much :-) logo

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