Rope (rdflib+zope) probably-final-one-before-death releaseΒΆ

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(For the complete info on this, see the permanent Rope status page).

I've just packaged up the last Rope version. It's also in subversion, btw.

I guess this is the last "release" I'll ever make of it. It's a terrible hack, as I had to hack the new-style-classes-stuff out of rdflib to fit with the 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 zope versions. Just when I had that dirty work done, a newer rdflib version saw the light of day... And the upcoming 2.8 zope release does support the new-style-classes.

I'm being saved the work of starting off from scratch: there's the new and shiny Zemantic project that's also combined rdflib and zope. Only now with the new rdflib and the latest 2.8 zope. Can't wait to use their latest release!

It'll have to wait a few weeks, though. I'm finishing off my PhD: only two weeks to go. And this hackish Rope version is keeping together a big part of my prototype implementation, so I won't set about replacing it right now :-)

I must say it works great to build data-centric applications in zope/plone. A lot of the stuff I see is more document-centric, but I almost get the idea that data-centric is actually easier in zope . Getting an XML file out of zope's pagetemplates is easier than getting the correct html user interface out of it. And with Rope (or better: zemantic) on the data-receiving end... That'll be fun.

For my starting-1-april job at Zest software I'll need to brush up on some skills. Zemantic: looks like a good candidate to focus part of my learning effort: a newer zope (with zope3 stuff in it), data orientation (nice) and all those new-style-classes, generators, iterators that I want to get a much better grip on. logo

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