Data orientation in zopeΒΆ

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There was some interesting posting going on today about XML support in zope 3.

Through the links in the discussion I discovered Martijn Faassen's weblog with a post about a lack of XML interest in python-land.

I was starting to wonder about that last week in a zope/plone setting. If you look at plone for instance, most of the attention is focused on html generation. It seems like 98% percent or so of zope is aimed at the visible content. But it is so easy to create a good XML export of your data by using a simple zope page template. That's actually often easier that getting the right layout in html.

It is probably a generic problem. In many fields, you email entire documents instead of pointing at the detailed information items inside the documents. Data-orientation versus document orientation. It almost seems like zope is used as a document management system instead of as a content management system. This is not really true, but that's almost the way it looks to me.

Well, there's a wide open field for more data-oriented applications. And I think zope is perfectly suited for it. logo

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