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Paul Everitt has an article about CMSs for zope 3 . At the moment, there are three big CMS (content management systems) for zope: Plone (which I use), CPS and Silva. All are based on the current zope 2.

Zope 3 is more or less available and sounds (I haven't used it yet) much more robust and python-friendly. Ideally, I agree with Paul, there'd be much more synergy and much more common parts in the zope3-future. Added to that, zope3 really needs the current zope2 projects to be able to hop over. Well, something is happening next week.

Coming from Plone, the most natural first target seems to be Archetypes, as that is used for so much plone stuff nowadays. Or the UML-to-archetypes tool ArchGenXML: generate zope3 code instead! With archetypes you would be able to get a large body of code over to zope3. That'd give you a base to port the plone look and feel. And it'd give you a good hard look at what's missing in zope3 (or what's been left out for good reasons). How's the skin handling? How elaborate/extensible is the schema handling?

I really hope to be able to investigate zope3 this year! logo

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