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During a job interview this afternoon at a (very attractive!) zope company, I got the question how I've been using python/zope/plone. Ouch, good question. The earliest evidence I've been able to find:

I found the earliest evidence in my August 2000 masters thesis, just a few bits and pieces of python, but it's a beginning. The most elaborate python stuff (including stand-alone ZODB, page templates and custom code generation and a 10MB xml file) is an internal STABU application, so I can't link to that here :-)
May 2002: my website which I started with early 2002, so this date is probably OK. Another early one is Oktober 2003: IFES world assembly website where I did the custom Zope content type programming. The site itself was wget+weex uploaded to an IIS server. That's site-going-live in oktober 2003, so probably earlier.
I've found a UML model that'll serve as a proof of my ArchGenXML plone meddlings, the revision 1.1 at the end of that page is from januari 2004. So I must 've used Plone before that. Probably after the 2003 europython, as I remembered being pretty impressed by the ArchGenXML session. Update: found an August 2003 patch to ArchGenXML, so that places me solidly in mid-2003 :-)

Nice to see how much you can reconstruct by some internet browsing :-)

Now if only I could reconstruct my first Linux beginnings. Aw, I'm pretty confident that is was around the summer of 1996.

Update: I got the job: Zest software . logo

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