First ever job letterΒΆ

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Oooofff. I just send off my first-ever job letter. All in all it took me two very full days to get it all done and tidied up. Keeping the actual letter to just ONE page, but including enough good info, but sounding attractive, but also saying what you like about the job, but being a bit on the formal side, but being also spontaneous...

Well, happy I've pressed send (ok, ctrl-x...). Strange in a way. In my school days I was told to write well by hand, as job letters had to be written by hand. Now I just package up a PDF and send it over. That's something that's changed in the last 10 years or so. And sending an email instead of sending a letter... Ah, it's way easier on both parties. I did do a cc: to myself and a bcc: to a collegue to make sure the mailserver doesn't have a hickup halfway. With that university mailserver being cracked a few weeks ago and backups being only halfway decent... (Sure glad to be doing all my email hosting myself!).

Ok. Time to sit back and relax for five minutes. I've got a thesis to finish. And job hunting won't stop now, either. I've got a meeting at a sotware company on monday :-) logo

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