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My personal favourite music style is progressive rock (the most well-known band is probably Marillion). It has a lot in common with symphonic rock, of which Genesis is one of the big bands. Genesis! Yeah! Tomorrow I'll see an re-enactment of their 1974 "the lamb lies down on broadway" show. That's one of the shows you want to be born 20 years earlier for...

The reason for me posting this is that I got word of Marc Vanstraelen's Dutch-language progressive rock blog . If you understand Dutch: might be nice. He's also got a pretty nice English blog with a mix of music, palm handheld; he's also trying out some creativity techniques, which 'll be interesting to follow.

Back to music: I attended a mini acoustic concert last week by Neal Morse, former "Spock's beard" member. Great performance, great musician: amazing what such a person can do with just one guitar or piano. And he let his +/- 8 (???) year old son join in, he sang 2 of the songs and joined in another. His younger sister also joined in one song. And they both were pretty OK. Nice experience to see such a professional musician letting his children join in the fun. If you want to check it out: free mp3's are available, I recommend "separated man" and "landslide". logo

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My name is Reinout van Rees and I work a lot with Python (programming language) and Django (website framework). I live in The Netherlands and I'm happily married to Annie van Rees-Kooiman.

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