Getting up in the morningΒΆ

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Getting up in the morning, for me, often means chaining my ankles with a stout chain to something big and yellow with big tires and shouting "Pull!"... I sleep merrily along with a 2.5 year old daughter wreaking havoc in my bed (waking up Mummie).

Alarm clock? Just hit the snooze button a few times till it's an hour later or so...

Until I read an email by Ricky Spears (now available on his blog). My solution variant: putting a nice book on top of my alarm clock and start reading that once the alarm clock goes. That's an enjoyable activity and something I'll do guaranteed! I admit that I did it for the first time this morning, but with instant success. Yeah, this seems to work OK. logo

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My name is Reinout van Rees and I work a lot with Python (programming language) and Django (website framework). I live in The Netherlands and I'm happily married to Annie van Rees-Kooiman.

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