M.Sc. thesis Jasper Feenstra online: diffusion and adoption of the STABU LexiConΒΆ

I've just added Jasper Feenstra's graduation thesis to my collection of STABU LexiCon information, The thesis (pdf, around 60 pages) is about diffusion and adoption of the STABU LexiCon.

Some highlights from his conclusions and recommendations:

  • STABU should provide the tools needed to access and use the LexiCon. Only in this way, the LexiCon's use can be demonstrated. Applications must be available: being just a library is not enough, the building industry can only adopt applications, not standards.
  • The government could mandate the use of the LexiCon, but this should preferably be done by using it first in large public (and thus known) building projects to prove its efficiency. Before it can be mandated, applications are needed first, though...
  • The LexiCon should cuddle up with other standards like IFC, which will have a positive impact on the acceptance of the LexiCon.
  • The software tools to access and use the LexiCon can best be provided as free software.
  • Emphasis is needed on a standard for the exchange of LexiCon-based information (Note Reinout: agreed, the LexiCon focuses on the ontology level and lacks a data level format; this hampers adoption and software creation and thus demonstatability).
  • First create more awareness in the research community, then convince the software developers and finally persuade the B&C industry by demonstrating the benefits.
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