Dissertations and small things (updated)ΒΆ

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Pffff. Almost 5 o' clock in the night around here... Going to bed now. Night's definitively a good time to work, but I'm stopping this madness in january. Time to go to bed on times when I don't get an instant reaction on an email send to an ex-collegue now living in Australia (for me: exactly the other side of the world).

But: my dissertation is coming along better than expected. Some work to be done on chapter 4 (80% done), but 1, 2, 3 and 5, 6 are 95% done. That leaves chapters 7 and 8. Chapter 7 is a description of my python programming and REST-web-services+rdf+owl stuff, some 60% done I guess. Chapter 8 contains my two cases. One is done, the other needs some fake screenshots pronto and some serious implementation in january/february. Lets put that one at 40%.

So: one chapter that I can tackle fridaymorning when I awake or saturday evening (when we're back from visiting Annie's family on new year's eve). And two half-done. That's not bad!

My professor will probably sign The Document early january, which entitles me to the right to send the dissertation out to six other professors (for comments) and to give my final talk some three months later. So, sounds like april to me.

Can't believe I'm almost finished. Also can't believe the horrendeous amount of work I did last month-and-a-half. Also can't believe Annie didn't butcher me... I owe you a lot, Annie!

update: I forgot to mention the "small things". One of the few comments of my professor on my writing style was that I write too many words. For instance, a lot of "the"s can be scrapped.

Woohoo, the carnage! Utter devestation! I walked through chapters 1 till 3 and killed off half of the "the"s. Yes, that makes for better sentences, they're much more direct.

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