Those kids today…

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Our daughter Rianne is now 2.5 years old and makes 6-word sentences and so on. All fine and well.

But I'm feeling both proud and a bit scared where her proficiency with technical stuff is concerned. For quite a while she's been able to switch the television on and off (with the hardware switch, we don't leave the television on stand-by). But one morning she switched it on (to standby-mode), took the remote and turned the television on at channel 3 (the one with the children's program)... What? Good... We didn't practice that with her!

Nowadays we get free sample children's DVDs at the supermarket. We can watch them at the computer (theoretically), but we don't have a DVD player (yet, I got the money at my birthday). So the DVDs are just lying around a bit. Just yesterday I opened the CD player and found one of those DVDs inside... No, we didn't teach her to open the CD player's tray either. Nor switching on the audio set (lots of buttons there).

Man, those kids are watching. Really looking at what you're doing. Smartypants... Daddy 'd better keep a good eye on his computer. I'm happy I'm running Linux now, windows is way too easy for kids to "tweak"... logo

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