Busy birthdayΒΆ

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Yeah! Christmas time. Also birthday time for me :-) When I pressed "Add" in my online weblog editor, I turned 32.

And I'll also be busy for another hour typing my dissertation. The thing just needs to be in a more or less finished state by the end of the month. It's been a hectic month-and-a-half till now. Annie's doing 98% of the domestic chores at the moment, leaving me to my typing. I'm mightily thankful that she doesn't clobber me with my own keyboard (a fine old IBM keyboard - that hurts a lot).

When I convert my files to the more-or-less final printer format in the right font size, I've now got 108 pages. Out of the approximately 150 pages I need. Still a lot of screenshots to put in there. And some two chapters that I need to copy-paste from other sources. So I don't worry anymore about the amount of content, that's probably OK.

My professor, Frits Tolman, is great in teaching me things I have to learn in this writing process. Writing non-technically for the ordinary mortals where needed. Presenting my own work instead of focussing on that of others. Etc.

I like it. I learn a lot! I don't like the huge amount of work I'm dumping on Annie. That's not how it should be. Well, after 31 december I'll slow down a little bit and help out much more.

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