Raising my kids: I’m ruining them!

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Last weekend we celebrated sinterklaas with Annie's family. Our daughter (2.5 years) Rianne got a game where you had to fish ducks out of a electrically-going-round pond and put them safe in their little nests. (Something like this ) Funny.

More fun is that there's sound in there: you hear the ducks quacking "jingle bells" like there's no tomorrow. That send me to singing, in tune, "tasty duck, tasty duck", "in the pan, in the pan", "fried till brown, fried till brown", etc.

That was two days ago. Today Annie saw Rianne walking with a plastic pan with two duckies in it. And she went to the kitchen. And put it on the stove...

Yes! Yes! Yes! :-) Bad influence from their dad!

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