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Steve Pavlina started a blog a few weeks ago. I read a couple his of articles on personal productivity on another website some while ago. I liked them, so finding him writing a regular weblog, I subscribed.

Today's post sets me thinking: full engagement . When you work on something, work at 100%. When you play, play at 100%. I second his comment about his daughter being a good example. Just watching Rianne playing... That's 100%. I rememeber reading a quote once that we, as adults, need to regain in our work the seriousness and dedication we had when we were playing as kids.

When reading a book, 100% reading isn't a problem. When enjoying a game, 100% playing isn't a problem. When working, I cherish the times when I can work 100%. Only, most of the time that's not during 9:00-17:00 at work, but late at night. Partly some biological clock at work, I guess.

I can work hard during the day. Even for extended periods. And it feels great. And not working hard feels lousy. And I really need working hard the rest of this year, finishing off a PhD dissertation.

OK, I'm going to have to teach myself to work 100%. Constantly reminding myself. Let's see how that goes. logo

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