Post mortem. Or is that “pre mortem”?

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Slowly the comments on the election result are trickling in. Bush won. I don't think there'll be any serious change now. From what I hear, Bush got some 51% of the votes, 48% for Kerry (that's "votes", not "number of points in the electoral college"). So it is a pretty solid victory.


The best commentary I've read till now is from Len Bullard, here are his last two paragraphs as a quote:

That's a heckuva a mess to clean up. I'm glad it's not my job. It is time for the Democrats to go fishin', ride a bike, take walks, and play with their kids and watch. Do get out of the way of the Republicans. They are going to be very busy. Given the last four years of majority rule in both houses and the executive branch without a single accomplishment beyond death, high prices and creating the most divided electorate in my lifetime, they will have to move very fast. And they don't know how.

That's a train wreck at full steam. Step away from the platform. logo

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