Vote Kerry, dump Bush (updated (again))ΒΆ

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I read some 100 weblogs. Because those people have interesting things to say about diverse subjects like xml, internet, semantic web, python, zope, plone, David Allen's "getting things done" method, christianity, programming. All those subjects are not political. When looking at politics, this is a pretty random set of weblogs.

The people writing this pretty random set of weblogs sometimes have something to say about USA politics. Either because they're USians or because they're interested. 100% wants Bush out. In my random set there's not a single one supporting Bush (at least not openly).

A good one: firing the boss from a Canadian. Found through that article is this quote from Russell Beattie : Are you in Europe and can't stand to see our countries grow farther and farther apart? Write your views, support our candidate. Write it in French, in Spanish, in German, in Dutch, it doesn't matter. Just make sure your voice is heard.

Ok, this is my view from Europe: please please ditch Bush and vote Kerry.

Small update:

  • In fact, some people in my family suggested that the list might not be so random, but that would mean that smart people with a good education are "naturally" against Bush... That's not a conclusion I'm prepared to make, so I'll just stick with my surprise at the level of Kerry-support in my set of weblogs. (I revised this paragraph 2004-10-19, the wording allowed you to read "all Bush voters are dumb" instead of the intended "I still think it is random". Thanks, Mitch, for pointing it out.)
  • I'm aware that, for me, it is more "dump Bush" than "hurray for Kerry". I saw the comment somewhere that a lot of people want to vote against Bush, not so much vote for Kerry. Well, I don't know much about Kerry. I also didn't know much about Bush before he got elected. Likewise Clinton. Etc. But he seems pretty competent. To me, he seems much more attractive than the alternative, which is known to be bad.

Update 2: Ok, no 100% score against Bush in the weblogs I read :-) logo

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