Rush in RotterdamΒΆ

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Friday night I attended the Rush concert in Rotterdam. The 30 year anniversary tour, so they're at it (in the same lineup) for 30 years already. Three guys: one drummer, 1 guitarist, 1 singer/bassist/keyboardist (mostly singer+bassist, though). I'd call it rock or symphonic rock.

Great concert, even though we were sitting way in the back on the second ring. Very slick and professionally executed lightshow, with a lot of support from animations projected on screens in the back of the podium. When they weren't showing animations, they showed closeups of the artists, so you could enjoy what they were doing even though you were way, way, way away from the podium :-)

They didn't take themselves too seriously, as you could see in a thunderbirds-like animation Darn that dragon .

And a 8.5 minutes drum solo isn't bad :-) logo

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