List of RDF sourcesΒΆ

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Found at Edd Dumbill's xml-deviant article :, a listing of RDF files you can use for, well, lots of things. Testing whether RDF is any good. Having some testfiles for your rdf parser. Toying with it.

Probably there is some useful information in there, some handy parts to join with your own fledgling ontology or your own datastore. Personally, I'd like some useful RDF data from the construction industry. Some freely usable data. Me, my professor and a graduate student are putting together some free (creative commons license) construction-related content over at, but it's in Dutch and I didn't get around to extracting RDF/OWL data yet, but that's not a technical problem :-) More and more re-usable, shareable data will emerge. More and more people will use it and interconnect it. Yes. All part of the internet operating system for the construction industry logo

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