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Joe Kraus started a new enterpreneurship weblog, I liked the first five entries so take a look at it if the subject interests you. Found it though a posting in Mark Baker's list of blogs which I browsed for new interesting blogs. Thanks Mark :-)

It's interesting for me as one of my options at the end of my PhD contract is, of course, to start or join a new company. Personally, I normally recoiled in horror with the prospect of doing just that, but lately I've started to think much more rational about it. Which in my peculiar case means "more positive" :-)

I mean, there are positive and negative aspects. You get to make your own good decisions and you don't have any pointy haired boss. Only, a bad decision could leave you pretty much belly-up. I enjoyed Paul Graham's take on startups. Hightech startups. Startups where one or a few good persons can get an enormous amount of work done as they can use technology as a lever. Writing a small program to do things automatically versus doing the same small thing by hand every week: that's a small example. But if we're talking big, complex things... On the other hand, Paul mentions a painful visit to the dentist which felt (feld?) like vacation compared to his startup-job at that time... :-/

Aw, I don't know yet. At least thinking about starting a company helps me in keeping my research in line, giving it a bit more focus. But in a sense it's the #1 thing I'm wondering at the moment: what am I doing this time next year?. I'll probably be at least reasonably fine :-) Besides, family is much more important logo

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