w78 2003 conference overviewΒΆ

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In 2003 I attended the cib w78 conference in Auckland. I never made a page linking the summaries of the various days together, so here it goes :-) I mention some of the highlights (for me) of every day.

  • Workshop day with lots of great demos that were shown, but that really doesn't come out in writing :-( Great morning, though :-)
  • First day with an overview of 20 years of w78 research and with Marja Naaranoja and Paul Clarke about information and knowledge.
  • Second day with Anders Ekholm on design as problem handling, Rodney Steward on IT impediments for SMEs and Volker Berkhahn on Recognising objects in scanned drawings.
  • Third day with David Harrison webservices in the building industry and Per Christiansson Next generation knowledge management systems for the construction industry. (Also read that last paper)

See the overview of conference notes for a full list of similar summaries, if interested.

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