New server location (that’s why it was down…)

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Pfffffft. Sorry, this site has been out of the air for a few days since friday morning. The cause: the university closed down my PC at work that I used as the server. "" is a personal domainname, which isn't allowed (but which I only found out recently).

[Some grumbling deleted, doesn't serve a purpose]

The good thing: I've got a new server. At bytemark hosting, which I found out about in a post by Mark Pilgrim and they sure 've got a speedy and friendly service. I wanted a debian "testing" distribution instead of the "stable" one and they dist-upgraded it for me. Works great so far.

So the problems in reaching this site for the last few days should be over now. logo

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My name is Reinout van Rees and I work a lot with Python (programming language) and Django (website framework). I live in The Netherlands and I'm happily married to Annie van Rees-Kooiman.

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