Squishdot-based weblog integrated into ploneΒΆ

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I started this weblog some two years ago with a simple version of squishdot, but I've moved the rest of the site over to plone so the weblog stood out like a sore thumb visually.

I'm still thinking of moving my weblog to something plone-based, but perhaps squishdot will get some plone-integration once.

For now, as you can see, I've redone the layout so that the squishdot-based content looks just like the rest of the site. It was one evening's worth of work to make a few page templates. Note that I didn't upgrade to a very recent squishdot, so it may need a bit of work if you've got a new one, though I suspect the work 'll be limited.

The packed-up example can be downloaded

Note 2006-01-16*: I've now switched to quills (that page includes migration code examples).

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