Python-friendly debian linux distribution coming along nicelyΒΆ

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At europython, Mark Shuttleworth had a talk in which he, amongst others, introduced a new debian-derived linux distribution he was funding work on. ETA somewhere in september.

Big features of that distribution: all open source applications (though probably some binary drives to make it useful), new version every half year, python everywhere. Python scripting in as much applications as possible. Python scripts instead of shell scripts. Etc.

Woohoo! I like both debian and python, so this sounded like a very tasty combination to me. And a once-every-half-year update... That's one of debian's problems. They've got a real update once every two years or so.

Now Edd Dumbill mentions I spent yesterday in Oxford with the Canonical team, who are working on a great Debian-derived Linux distribution. There are a lot of reasons to be believe that their work will be a success. One big reason for me is that, although Debian-derived, they are not working apart from Debian. The goodness will be given back.

I was really pleased to see so many top free software hackers together in one place, and so energized and excited about the stuff they were working on.

Well, from what I read at the as-yet-unnamed-distribution's website, this has to be the very same python debian distribution. Though they don't mention python.

Just saw it mentioned by Tom Hoffman too. He affirms that it's Mark's new venture. (Tom works for Mark). There's something special surrounding the project, as Tom says: I can't wait to see this distro. I'm as much in the dark as the next guy as to what it is all about. :-) logo

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