Music: everything on my harddiskΒΆ

In the past week I've post almost all my CDs on my harddisk (ogg format). I'm really enjoying it for one big reason: I can just listen to the whole bunch in a random order.

In practice, I had a couple of CDs next to my computer which I chucked into the stereo once in a while. But those were mostly just the same CDs. The lesser-played CDs just didn't make it, I left them downstairs.

But now, once in a while, a long-time-not-listened-to song pops up. I didn't buy those CDs for nothing, so I like the music. Only the CD as a whole... I just didn't play them.

In my opinion this is well worth the try. I got the idea from my brother by the way.

Now listening to the Grey lady down song "Without a trace". (Which was one of the regular CDs btw.) logo

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